What Do You Think is the Resveratrol Recommended Dosage?

If you look for a Resveratrol recommended dosage, you will see lots of different opinions. How much is enough? How much is too much? Let’s look at what the science tells us.

First, it is important to remember that this is all still theoretical. Research concerning the health effects of Resveratrol is still in the very early stages. Scientists are still looking at the effect it has on cells and animals. The only planned clinical trials are for a drug that will be used to treat type II diabetes. It will be years before that drug is released.

For a healthy individual, there is no known minimum daily requirement. Scientists cannot even agree on how much vitamin C a person needs every day. Suggestions range from a low of 40mg per day to a high of 12,000mg per day, although the tolerable upper intake is believed to be around 2000mg.

If you are ill, your best bet is to consult a doctor of naturopathic medicine (ND) concerning the Resveratrol recommended dosage for your specific condition. An ND is a medical doctor that has furthered his education by attending a university of naturopathic medicine. There are several accredited universities in the US. The popularity of the field continues to grow. So, you should be able to find an ND in your area.

Some health supplement companies have NDs on their staff, as well as buy Ibutamoren nutritionists and other health experts. One of the best supplements on the market, designed to protect your health, prevent disease and extend your lifespan, includes Resveratrol. According to the company, the Resveratrol recommended dosage for healthy adults is 20-50mg per day.

If you look at what some manufacturers suggest, you will see that daily dosages go as high as 500mg per day. That could be a problem.

Researchers have found that at low-moderate dosages, the compound prolongs the life of heart cells. At high dosages, it causes the death of those cells. There are some natural compounds that cause the death of cancer cells, without doing damage to healthy cells. Curcumin, for example, causes cancer cells to die, but is not toxic to healthy cells. That can not be said of Resveratrol. As a preventative measure, a small daily dose is sufficient.

Is it irresponsible for manufacturers to suggest high doses? At this point, I would have to say “yes”. There is not enough research to support a Resveratrol recommended dosage exceeding 50mg per day.